?Acrylic Curve Name Tag?

نيم تاج اكريليك كيرف

نيم تاج اكريليك كيرف Acrylic Curve Name Tag متعدد المقاسات حسب الطلب

Name Tag made of acrylic in the oval shape . Multiple sizes on request

يتوافر لدينا النيج تاج | name tag | للفنادق ونيم تاج المستشفيات ونيم تاج المصانع ونيم تاج لمختلف الاستخدامات

name tag.

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  • خامة اكريليك طلفتين
  • متعدد المقاسات
  • كتابة الاسم واللوجو طباعة مباشرة على الاكريليك
  • تثبيت مجناتيك
  • اطلبه الان من واتس الشركة لاند مارك للاعلان 00201272727800


  • Acrylic material, two layers
  • Multiple sizes
  • Writing the name and logo printed directly on the acrylic
  • Install your magnets
  • Order it now from the company’s WhatsApp, Landmark Advertising, 00201272727800

Name tags were found to be a very helpful tool in businesses. They increase the level of transparency and professionalism in business institutions. It also subtly catches the customers trust and loyalty through the friendly and comforting feeling the customers get when they see or know the names of the person they are dealing with. Aside from that the name tags also allow staffs to relate closely with their co-workers by calling them by their name and knowing who they are working with.

In one survey conducted by Social Science Research Solutions, they stated that over 96% of the customers said that they find it important that employees should wear name tags because through the name tag they can recognize the person and helps them trust the employers a little bit more. Prospective employees also stand out in job searches when they use name tags. Another benefit wearing name tag provides is that it also helps in self and company branding which literally means making yourself visible and standout. Name tags may be small but they are a huge asset which can be very beneficial.

نيم تاج اكريليك كيرف طبقتين
نيم تاج اكريليك كيرف طبقتين
Double Acrylic layer name tag
Double Acrylic layer name tag
Acrylic Curve Name Tag
Acrylic Curve Name Tag


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